U know what?! Fuck you u will never earn my fucking respect like that and guess what? All the team member talk shit about u guys! Think about why i fucking quit! And think about how 5 other people quit too! U a dumbass foo! U cant say shit to me like that! Wtf!! I fucking hate tou guys and i never will like u guess i just dont want to do anything and fuck u guys up but i do care about the routine and other people in it! And stop yelling at me infront of all those fucking people! U motherfucking cunts! U deserve all the shit i say to u and u want to know what happened? And why i didnt fucking text you? Your right i dont think of u as my captain! Bitch if u cared, u would of did something like the other one this dumbass! And another reason, pshhh u said u dont give a fuck! Bitch u tell me one thing then u better mean it cuz i take it up my ass. U fucking dumb cunts need to stop being so fucking rude to us and mean and fucking disrespectful and fucking giving us attitude. U ask to tell you guys shit but obviously know one is going to go up to ur fucking bitch as faces and say thise shit cuz u guys r fucking rude and cruel!! U guys dont deserve to be my fucking captain and i want to quit but i wont cuz u guys will talk shit and i love it! Im not going to give it just because of u bitches. And u know what? U guys are fucking fat especially u bitch! And u know who u are fatass! Ccant even show her stomach to the team cuz ur so fucking fat! Bitch uve been on it for 4tears and u havent lost weight lmfao fail! Bitch go excercise! I fucking hate you guys and i knew u were looking for me and i dont want to fucking talk to u so leave me the fuck alone okay?! Bitches u guys deserve to go to hell and fucking burn in there and karma will get you and u know what u guys do have favorites! Wtf?! When i wasnt there and i didnt tell you, u fucking yelled at me and shit but when she doesnt come and doesnt tell you why u dont care?! Wtf u guys just fucking picking on me bitch! And do u know why u guys didnt think about quiting all your years, cuz u had better captains! Bitches u guys dont deserve that spot and yea thanks for kicking me off of varsity! I earn that spot u fucking bitches dont do that to me alright?! U guys are so fucking rude and annoying it pisses me off! Shit i fucking hate you guys just fucking die or some shit.

Varsity….. Ill never forget it was short but it was fun… Very

But sometimes i cant hold it in and everytime i talk about it it hurts and i want to cry

Trying to hide it with a smile

It was like my life and i loved it:)

I cried… A lot… Memories..

Im a fucking retard

Only if i had a time machine that could take me back for one day:) i will be so happy i regret it and i miss it but there is so much better things i can do doe but why cant i let go?

I miss it so much i regret for doing that

I know im going to miss it forever but this is the only way out